Naturopathic Policy

New patient initial consult: 60 minutes comprehensive visit.  Please take the time to download and complete the paperwork prior to your visit.  Paperwork takes longer than you typically think.  New patient cash price $150-200

Following up visits: 30-60 minutes. The more complex the concerns, the longer the visit.  Follow-up visit cash price $112-$145

Acute Visits (existing patients only) 15-30 minutes: Most acute visits can be accommodated on the day you call.  It is important to remember that in an acute visit the time is reserved for discussing only the one concern. Please schedule an additional visit for any long term concerns. New for 2020 phone/telemedicine consults utilizing ZOOM.  Cost for these acute consults (15 minutes) is $49.  Please note that we cannot bill insurance for telemedicine acute visits.  Acute in office consults cash price $65

We have reserved a time Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for acute add-on visits at 2:00pm. Please call the receptionist the day of your concern for these spots, as they are first come, first serve. As always, if you an urgent concern, please voice this to the receptionist and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. Acute visit examples:  acute viral, bacterial infections.

Acupuncture Policy

New patient initial consult: 60 minutes for history and exam and treatment. Follow-up visits are 45-60 minutes


Dr. Lawler is credentialed with multiple insurance companies including Regence, Premera BlueCross, BlueShield and First Choice plans.  Keep in mind that all insurance companies are different in what is a covered benefit and the number of visits that your individual plan covers.  It is always a good idea to call your insurance provider and check whether naturopathic and/or acupuncture services are covered on your plan. We will attempt to check benefits, but if the office is busy, this may not occur on the day of your visit.

Running Late

Every attempt is made to run on time for appointments. However, there are precious moments in patient care when the conversation and exchange between provider and patient is at a critical timepoint. Part of my promise to my patients is to hear and be present, I honor those moments when a little extra time is called for. Please know that if there comes a time where you need the same attention, you will receive the same care, and practice patience when you are the one waiting an additional few minutes for your appointment to start.

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