Adrenal fatigue class offered January 2020

Beyond Surviving: Thriving in the Face of Chronic Stress

Two Part Lecture Series

Led by Dr. Kellie Lawler

Thursday, January 30th & Thursday, February 20th 7pm to 8:30pm

Running hard and feeling rundown is a frequent complaint that most people feel now, and probably one of the most common complaints that I hear from my patients.  From a study from the Occupational Health and Safety Department, 43% of Americans feel too tired to function at work. How does this happen? What are the contributing factors? When does “being a high performer,” taking part in a high-stress workplace, shift work, and/or being a “yes” person stop working and start harming your physiology?  If you have struggled with fatigue, anxiety, depression, frequent infections or sleep disruptions then come educate yourself on how your system of survival, your “fight or flight system” works and how to keep it healthy. The first week of class we will focus on learning what symptoms are typically related to adrenal fatigue (maladjustment) and understanding the  physiology of adrenal glands. The second week will consist of reviewing individual adrenal labs and lifestyle modifications, including diet and exercise based specifically on patterns of dysfunction. Come take part in this fun class where you can feel community with others and have time to ask questions.  

You do not have to be an existing patient to take part in this class.

Cost: $100 in advance, $50 deposit required to hold your spot. At an additional cost there is an optional (and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) adrenal function lab as part of the class where you will be able to see your adrenal reserves and ask specific questions during class based on your results.  We are currently negotiating a discounted cost for this lab.  

Class size will be limited to the first ten with deposit payment. Please call or stop by the office during office hours to pay your deposit. 

Thank you!

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